Flexible Butterfly Hair Clip

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Great!!! With the Flexible Butterfly Hair Clip, you can easily and quickly make a new hairstyle in 30 seconds and give you a new experience and a special feeling.

Product Features:

  • High quality: The beads are braided manually.
  • Easy and quick to comb and shape: just in 30 seconds you can easily make a new hairstyle. Many braiding options are waiting to find you.
  • Elegant, sweet, professional to show your charm differently.
  • Multifunctional: In Work / Appointment / Leisure, Travel / Sports / Washing, Outdoors & Indoors 
  • Suitable For different people: From children to adults to old, from curly hair to straight hair.
  • Fine & small: Portable and space-saving.
  • Ideal for the bath: easy to wrap the damp hair on the head.