Dog Nail Scissors

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Dog Nail Scissors is great because it has a light that illuminates the nail as well as a magnifier, to make sure you cut accurately every time you cut your pet's nails.

Features & Benefits

  • Invented by pet lovers with the help of veterinarians
  • Super-bright LED light
  • 5x magnification mirror
  • Gentle nail guide
  • Quick clip trimmed

Cutting Instructions

  • Before cutting, make sure that the LED is switched to either
  • The ON or the TRIGGER position. This will help identify the quick of the nail clearly
  • On light/colored nails.
  • LED lights illuminate the cutting area to help see while cutting. On light and medium colored nails, the LED will also help illuminate the pet's quick to better identify the proper cutting location. For dark nails, the LEDs may not be powerful enough to see the quick.