Motorized Building Set Ages 3+ (81 Pieces)

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Ages 3+
Each Set Comes With 81 Pieces.
Are you looking for a fun, engaging way to expand your child’s creativity, boost their critical thinking skills, and fortifies their early learning ability?

Then put the iPad away and get the versatile 81-Piece 3D building block kit that helps them become innovative builders!

A truly exciting way for children ages 3 and up to learn and grow, these snap-together puzzles offer a unique approach to science, math, and contextual skills an iPad app or mobile device simply can’t capture.

Here are three great reasons why these gears are perfect for your boy or girl: 

    1. Parents and children can play together, building stronger relationships, trust,
      and confidence; it also gives moms and dads an insight into a child’s development.

    2. These gears and Lego-style pieces can be used in thousands of different ways
      to create buildings, castles, or cars complete with battery-powered motion.

    3. There are endless possibilities for imagination for boys and girls alike.
      Your children will build social and critical-thinking skills essential for everyday life.

Recommendation for the number of tracks based on kids age:

Age 3-5 Years: One set 
Age 5-8 Years: Two sets
Age 8+ Years:  Three sets +

Product Details
  • Bricks and gears with big, easy-to-assemble blocks.
  • Bright, vibrant color variations.
  • Pieces and be mixed and match to create buildings, towers, platforms and more.
  • Functional, battery-powered moving pieces like a swing and seesaw.
  • Includes stickers to make each piece unique.
 Additional Safety Specifics
  • Not recommended for children under 3 (choking hazard).
  • Motorized gears require one AA battery (not included).
  • Toys are made from BPA-free, recycled plastic (ASTM 963 certified).