LED Air Power Soccer Ball

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Hover Soccer: Giant Air-Hockey-like Soccer Puck You Can Kick Around The HouseHover Soccer - Floating Soccer Ball Air Hockey Toy

Safety First, Don't make kids in danger. Our hover ball works on the ground with foam edging, it won't fly anywhere and don't worry about the furniture and kid's feet. Just let kids enjoy a happy home time.

  • The air power soccer can play on the grass and floor. It can stimulate the fun of children. The air power soccer can glide on any smooth surface. That is great for both indoor or outdoor activities, fun for all ages.
  • A soft cushion of foam surrounding the edge of the disk keeps it from damaging wall and furniture. You can play air power soccer on any smooth ground. This kind of toy is very safe and doesn't hurt your feet.
  • The LED function of this product makes it different from other product. The size of air power soccer is similar to size 4 soccer, neither too big nor too little. It is more suitable for the multiplayer game.
  • According to the statistics, many adults have bought this interesting toy for their children on an electronic business platform. It's popular on twitter now. More and more kids are playing with this kind of toy, and kids will enjoy the real football fun.
  • We have great fall faith in our hover toy soccer ball. If the air power soccer ball you received doesn't turn out to be what you expected, you can contact for a refund.


  • Combine soccer and hovercrafts and you've got yourself the multi-surface Air Power Soccer Disc.
  • A powerful fan floats the Air Power Soccer Disc on a curtain of air so it sails over hard surfaces with ease.
  • Perfectly at home on wood, linoleum, polished concrete, and even low-pile carpet, the Air Power Soccer Disc is ideal for kicking around the house.
  • Its substantial, non-marking foam bumper not only prevents scuffs and nicks but makes the Air Power Soccer Disc even more fun to bounce around the room.
  • Powered by: 4 x AA batteries ( Not included )