Multifunctional Gel Pads (2pcs)

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How useful are these multifunctional gel pads for everything! Without glue, screws or magnet you can use these pads to hang your mobile phones, cameras, keys, etc. anywhere. 


  • Environmentally friendly: The multifunctional gel pads are made of strong, durable and malleable nano-rubber, harmless to the body and reusable.
  • No residue: it leaves no residue after use.
  • Easy to clean: Without detergent and cloth, these multifunctional gel pads can only be repeatedly rinsed and air-dried with water. Then the pads will return to their original use effect.
  • Versatile use: With new nanotechnology (no magnet included !!!) and adaptable material, the gel pads can hold on all surfaces without glue, screws or magnet. You can hold the mobile phone, tablet, Kindle, navigation, camera, speaker, water cup, keychain on smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinet, tiles, car, house wall, etc.